Are you a science teacher?

Looking for an educational game that’s also super-fun to play? ResourCity is a fun way of helping children and young people learn all about chemistry and sustainable development.

How does it work?

ResourCity is a fun way to learn all about chemistry and materials through game-play.

The are 104 elements to be found in buildings, statues, and the road surface. The more important or scarcer the element is in the real world, the more difficult it is to find. Your pupils can score points for each element. If they can combine elements, they're able to uncover fun facts about those compounds.


All over the world, we are facing the issue of meeting the growing demand for raw materials. These raw materials are often found in underground mines, but they’re not inexhaustible. The aim of ResourCity is to raise awareness of this issue among young people, and to teach them how we can extract and (re)use materials that are becoming increasingly scarce in a sustainable way. It is a fun way of helping them to understand the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

If you would like to find out more, why not get in touch with us now? Together, we can look at how the app could be rolled out in your school/school community.

Philip Marynissen

Expert duurzaam materialenbeheer